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Juanjo Hernández Gómez


 Graduated in Fine Arts on UPV. Illustrator and concept artist working as freelance since 2007. He has focused on science fiction and fantasy genres, working on video games, animation films, books, RPG games and CCG (Collectible Card Games).

You can see his work on


Composer, Live Recorder, Sound Designer and Foley Artist focused in videogames. He worked in Short Films, Documentals, audiovisual Web/TV Projects and live concerts.

Juanjo have his own space called Microtono Studios. He has worked for different Spanish companies and videogame associations in different projects since 2014.

  • Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 - Konami/Mercury Steam
  • Raiders Of The Broken Planet - Mercury Steam
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - Activision/Infinity Ward
  • Capture The Flag - Lightbox/Paramount
  • Tadeo Jones 2: The Secret Of King Midas - Lightbox
  • Legend Of The Five Rings - Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)
  • Traveller RPG Series
  • Project Xinatra -  Demon Videogames / Nerlaska Studio 2014 (PC)
  • Knightmare Gold Edition - DemonVideogames / Nerlaska Studio 2015 (PC)
  • WWII UBoat Submarine Commander - Nerlaska Studio 2015 (Mobile)
  • Vaccine War - Gamesfortutti 2016 (Steam-PC)
  • Student Game Jam - AEV 2016 (Documentary)
  • Otaku Avatar Maker - Orenji Studios 2017 (Mobile)
  • Chaos Mansion - Orenji Studios 2017 (PC/Mobile)
  • Max & The Book of Chaos - Orenji Studios 2017 (Steam-PC) 

Currently working as concept artist on Elite3D and developing Quantum Quest.


Currently focused in Quantum Quest and some indie game projects.




  • “There is no hope for you and there is no hope for me. Do you see your problem now?”

    – The Shadow
  • “F-f-f-f FUCK dude. I never think on these details”

    – B. Muzi.
  • “Slaves dream not of freedom, but of becoming masters.

    – Ozu
  • “I really LOVE my job. It’s so bloody, so warm, so… real”

    – Jack Müller
  • “Fire… Fire, my old friend. It’s good to see you again”

    – Jim J. Scope
  • “Rotten roots, where the good and the evil meet to create something worse”

    – Lena Lein



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