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Year 3241
The human population has reached 35 billion of inhabitants on Earth. The big cities have grown vertically turning on Megatowers. While the richest citizens live on the surface, the other 85% of the population live in the subsoilThe human being has exceeded his natural limits through science. Genetic engineering, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence are widespread and assimilated by society. Underground the shortage of resources leads to a big crime rate. Illegal markets, technology traffic, drugs and corruption accumulate on the foundation of the cities. The lower levels are so dangerous police forces have the access prohibited.


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Turn Based Game

Turn order is changing constantly by actions, weapons and equipment. You have to deal with enemies managing your action cards.

Quantum Quest World

Deeply cyberpunk narrative. Discover the Megacity and its history.

Dice Combat System

Maybe you fail, maybe you made a critic hit, enemies can even do it to you. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 dice are used on Quantum Quest.

Modular Tabletop Game

Missions are created by modular tabletop system, and all the pieces and miniatures are deployed over the table.


Quantum Quest is a Virutal Tabletop Video Game. It mixes boardgame and roleplaying game elements such as modular rooms, dice combat, character cards management, random enemies spawn, and turn based action system. We want to tell you a cyberpunk story, a deeply immersive tale about the Megacity, one of the worst civilized places of the world. The city is plenty of neons, alleys, rain, dirtiness, darkness, mystery, and, of course… violence, corruption and murder.         
But you are not alone…


Bounty Hunters en




The main characters of the story are mercenaries, bounty hunters who don't have any other way of life than entering the underworld to make the dirty job of the upper city. They are equally detested and needed by Megatower's citizens. When govern needs a shock troop to impose the law, command these task to the private military agencies. These contract soldiers live full-time dependent on the surface's needings, and they go along their lives through complex surgeries to improve their bodies. Some of them finally have become more machines than organic beings.
We follow on QuantumQuest the story of a group of these legal killers.


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Mercenaries en

The Soldier

Former soldier who must return to his job. He must become involved again in this bloody world looking for his lost brother.

The Professional

From an early age she showed a great skills for this job. She was sold as soldier when she was still young, trying to avoid a worse destiny.

The Insane

Born to this life, he really enjoys killing. He lives like a nomad in the streets and he is only worried about winning money and waste it on mundane pleasures.

The Next-Gen AI

Developed to serve on the Clans as Intelligence Weapon, after losing his family, he connects his destiny to the mercenaries' quest, seeking for revenge.




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